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I have a local issue with my installation. (FATAL: invalid value for parameter)

Console output:

FATAL:  invalid value for parameter "lc_messages": "en_US.UTF-8"
pg_ctl: could not start server
Examine the log output.
Couldn't start the database.
Couldn't install the database service.
  • You need to install locales en_US.UTF8.

I want to deactivate the image storage for an application

This procedure can't be revert !

Run this:

su - ltu
ltud stop collector
ltud stop weki
export MY_APPLICATION_KEY='....................'
dir_to_delete=`psql -p 7791 saas_si -qtc "update application_property set value=false from application where'save_ref_image' and application.id_application=application_property.id_application and application.application_key='$MY_APPLICATION_KEY';select sw_conf.value || '/' || client.folder_path || '/' || application_property.value from application, application_property, sw_conf, client where application.id_application = application_property.id_application and client.id_client = application.id_client and'storage_root_folder_path' and application_key='$MY_APPLICATION_KEY' and'folder_path';"`
rm -rf $dir_to_delete/*
ltud start collector
ltud start weki

I want to change my cores configuration

license feature configuration keys role
weki_nb_cores WEKI_NB_CORES * OPENMP_NUM_THREADS number of weki threads
processor_nb_cores PROCESSOR_NB_CORES * OPENMP_NUM_THREADS number of processor threads
kima_nb_cores KIMA_NB_CORES * OPENMP_NUM_THREADS number of launched kima threads
kima_nb_connections WEKI_KIMA_NB_CONNECTIONS maximum number of weki connections on kima
  • Update the configuration file: add the key/value you want to /opt/ltuengine/config/ltuengine.spec

  • Let's take an example:

My license allows me to a kima_nb_cores = 8 and I rarely make simultaneous requests. In this case, I can decide to reduce KIMA_NB_CORES in favor of OPENMP_NUM_THREADS:


  • Once you updated the spec file, you must re-generate the configuration files to take your changes into account:
su - ltu
ltusaas-generate-config-files -i /opt/ltutengine/config/ltuengine.spec -m all -o /opt/ltu/env/run/cache/config
ltud restart all