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Every services can be start stop or restart with the ltud commande.

Logged in as root: /etc/init.d/ltud [option]
options: start, stop, status all, restart

How to forward logs to syslog

  • Edit your spec file located here: /opt/ltutengine/config/ltuengine.spec
  • Update and add these lines:
    "SYSLOG_LOG_FORMAT_PREFIX": "saas-standalone",
    "SYSLOG_LOG_FORMAT": "%(SYSLOG_LOG_FORMAT_PREFIX)s[%%(threadName)s] %%(levelname)s [%%(name)s::%%(funcName)s] %%(message)s",
    "ENABLE_SYSLOG": "True",

  • Then run this command to reload your configuration:
su - ltu
ltusaas-generate-config-files -i /opt/ltutengine/config/ltuengine.spec -m all -o /opt/ltu/env/run/cache/config
ltud restart all